Why commercial interior design are not the same as residential​

While residential interior designers focus on homes, commercial interior designers conceptualize spaces for businesses. This would include lounges, restaurants and retail spaces, offices, banks, theaters, spas, shopping malls, and everything in between. 


Commercial Interior designers focuses on space for businesses. We know that businesses have different needs. While homes are meant to be welcoming, commercial design focuses on functionality and style that will in turn become profit, revenue or financial gain. 


Whether you are a small business or a huge building, the commercial interior designer needs to translate the vision, idea, dreams in a way that is profitable, practical and yet design centric. They also take on more responsibilities to make sure timeline and budget is met.


An example would be an F&B business. They would need more guest to maximise profit yet make sure guest are comfortable. So, the space should wow guest, make them feel at ease yet understand the overall concept.


It is up to a commercial design to make all of these requirements come together into one beautiful space.


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